Carnegie Mellon University

Polyglot Spring Semester 2014

Welcome to the Spring 2014 Edition of Polyglot, the undergraduate journal of the Department of Modern Languages at Carnegie Mellon University. All contributions below will open in PDF format.

Contributors to the Spring 2014 Issue

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Chinese Studies

E Young Choi
Andrew Zucker
Jun Su Jang
Andrew Dotterer
Sung Beom Chun
Joo Eun Choi
Kevin Hong
Solomon Ng
Will Crichton (won the first prize of the junior level group in the 5th Annual “Chinese Bridge” Eastern USA Competition on Sunday, March 30, 2014 in New York)
Vira Shao (1)
Vira Shao (2)
Youhyun Jang
Kathy Lee
Jerry Wu (1)
Jerry Wu (2)
Jerry Wu (3)
David Zhou (1)
David Zhou (2)
Ge Gong
Kailu Guan
Yuyun Lei
Jonathan Leung

French and Francophone Studies

Emily Etzel

Hispanic Studies

Melanie Diaz (1)
Melanie Diaz (2)
Ashley Kim
Heather Jue-Wong
Fatima Fakhro and Sara al Mulla
Shamma al Hetmi and Asma Ahmadi
Andreea Nan and Layanne Malluhi
Mounir Sheikh and Sophie Amor

Japanese Studies

Jae-Eun Kim
Lingzhang Jiang
Paul Okuda
Kyle Troutner

Russian Studies

Don Hood
Brendan MacNabb
Julia Embody
Aline Naroditsky
Dima Ivanyuk