Carnegie Mellon University

Polyglot Fall Semester 2017

Welcome to the Fall 2017 Edition of Polyglot, the undergraduate journal of the Department of Modern Languages at Carnegie Mellon University. All contributions below will open in PDF format.

Contributors to the Fall 2017 Issue

(click on the name to read their contribution)

Arabic Studies

Arnold Ogbogu
Alan Menaged
Haider Nazir
Roshan Sajid

Chinese Studies

Carrie Haney
Jenn Choi
Apoorva Bhagwat
Chandler Sabourin [1]
Chandler Sabourin [2]
Haider Nazir [Chinese]
Madison Headrick
Victoria Reiter
Xinyao Ren

German Studies

Guodong Zhao

Hispanic Studies

Rosa Loewenstein [1]
Rosa Loewenstein [2]
Edward Healy
Rachel Gomez
Fatema Almeshqab

Japanese Studies

Do Sung Kim
Lisa Hu [1]
Lisa Hu [2]
Agustin Gil-Silva
Alan Hsu
Bryan Ding
Naixin Fan
Stephanie Wang
Trento von Lindenberg