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Michael Desalvo

Michael Desalvo

Education: MAT (2017) Stony Brook University, French. MA (2015) Stony Brook University, Linguistics. BA (2014) Stony Brook University, French and Linguistics.


I started my PhD studies in Second Language Acquisition here at Carnegie Mellon in 2020. Prior to moving to Pittsburgh, I taught French and Latin on Long Island, New York, at several public schools at both the primary and secondary levels, as well as at my alma mater, Stony Brook University. My main research interests are metalinguistic interventions, and the implementation of games in language learning. My MA work involved implementing formal linguistic analysis in the Latin curriculum, which spun off into my involvement with the LSA's AP Linguistics initiative and the Linguistics in the School Curriculum Committee. I have also created language learning games for French, Latin, and English. Critical pedagogy is a central theme of my work.

  • Games and language learning
  • Critical pedagogy
  • Metalinguistic interventions
  • 82-103 Elementary French Online
  • Linguistic Society of America's Linguistics in the School Curriculum Committee. AP Linguistics Committee Working Group.
DeSalvo, M., R. Larson, L. Repetti. (2019). "On the Introduction of Linguistics to the Secondary School Curriculum Through Latin Classrooms." In S. Bertollo & G. Cavallo (Eds.), La linguistica moderna nella pratica didattica: dalla riflessione alle competenze (pp 73–87). Coop. Libraria Editrice Università di Padova. Padua, Italy.

Department Member Since 2020