Carnegie Mellon University

2019 Pittsburgh Humanities Festival

March 23 - March 24, 2019

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Core Conversations

Saturday, March 23

  • Telling New Stories with Reg Douglas: Diverse Perspectives on Stage
  • How Not to Save the Planet with Michael Goodhart
  • Public Open Call
  • Scratching the Surface with DJ Perly

Saturday, March 24

  • Superheroes and Storytelling: Angelique Roche in Conversation with Yona Harvey
  • Lee Terbosic - Making Magic: Pittsburgh, Houdini and History
  • Keeping Pittsburgh Dope: Chancelor Humphrey on the Power of Social Media
  • Fashion and the Art of Inclusion
  • Speedy Delivery: David Newell and Mister Rogers' Neighborhood
  • AI: Getting Beyond Cliches with Molly Wright Steenson
  • Blurred Lines Between Fiction and Documentary Cinema

Featured Events

Featured Events include performances and presentations in theaters in the heart of the Cultural District. Kevin Kwan on Friday, March 22 and Last Podcast On The Left on Saturday March 23.

Partner Events

Partner Events are sold separately and are produced by other organizations.

  • City Theatre - The Roommate, March 22-24.
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