Carnegie Mellon University

Current Course Offerings

Fall 2020

The following list of courses may be counted toward the Social & Political History major for the upcoming semester. Please schedule an appointment with the academic advisor prior to course registration in order to confirm your remaining requirements and determine an appropriate schedule of courses for the upcoming semester. Students will need to complete the prerequisites for any course as specified by the instructor.

History 79-104/1

Global Histories: History of Democracy

History 79-104/2

Global Histories: Genocide and Weapons of Mass Destruction

History 79-420

Historical Research Seminar

Choose at least two; additional surveys can count as SPH Electives

History 79-204

American Environmental History

HISTORY 79-211

Modern Southeast Asia: Colonialism, Capitalism and Cultural Exchange

History 79-223

Mexico: From the Aztec Empire to the Drug War

HISTORY 79-227

Modern Africa: The Slave Trade to the End of Apartheid

HISTORY 79-231

American Civil Rights Movement: From Garveyism to Black Power

HISTORY 79-266

Russian History and Revolutionary Socialism

History 79-271

East Asia in the World, 1600-Present

History 79-291

American Popular Culture and the Entertainment Business: 1800 to the Present

History 79-310

U.S. Business History: 1870 to the Present


Reasoning with Historical Data: How Historians Think

HISTORY 79-219

Film in Modern European History

HISTORY 79-234

Technology and Society


Coming to America: Immigration History and Policy

HISTORY 79-248

U.S. Constitution & the Presidency

HISTORY 79-250

Running for President: Campaigns & Elections in History of American Presidency

HISTORY 79-254/A2-Mini

The 1960s: The Decade Everything Changed

HISTORY 79-270

Anti-Semitism, Then and Now: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

HISTORY 79-280

Coffee and Capitalism

HISTORY 79-289

Animal Planet: An Environmental History of People and Animals

HISTORY 79-290/A2-Mini

The Slave Passage: From West Africa to the Americas

HISTORY 79-296/A2-Mini

Religion in American Politics

HISTORY 79-298/A2-Mini

Guns in American History: Culture, Violence, and Politics

HISTORY 79-300

History of American Public Policy

HISTORY 79-311/A1-Mini

PaleoKitchen: Food and Cooking in the Ancient World

HISTORY 79-313/A2-Mini

“Unwanted”: Refugees, Asylum Seekers, and Patterns of Global Migration

HISTORY 79-315

Thirsty Planet: The Politics of Water in Global Perspective

HISTORY 79-316

Photography the First 100 Years, 1839-1939

HISTORY 79-317

Art, Anthropology, and Empire

HISTORY 79-326/A2-Mini

Shall We Dance? Culture, Politics, and Movement in the 20th Century

HISTORY 79-327/A2-Mini

Modern Girlhood: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

HISTORY 79-331

Body Politics: Women and Health in America

HISTORY 79-335

Banned Substances: Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco in American History

HISTORY 79-343

Education, Democracy, and Civil Rights

HISTORY 79-372/A2-Mini

The Rise and Fall of Pittsburgh Steel

HISTORY 79-375/A2-Mini

Science & Religion

HISTORY 79-386/A2-Mini

Pandemic — Disease, Panic, or Both? Epidemics in Historical and Contemporary Perspective

HISTORY 79-388/A2-Mini

Sports in U.S. History: Perspectives on Past and Present

HISTORY 79-395

The Arts in Pittsburgh

Students may satisfy the elective requirements in SPH with up to 27 units offered by other departments in Dietrich College:

Please schedule an appointment with the academic advisor for guidance in selecting appropriate elective courses that satisfy Social & Political History degree requirements.