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Current Course Offerings

Spring 2018

The following list of courses may be counted toward the Social & Political History major for the upcoming semester. Please schedule an appointment with the academic advisor prior to course registration in order to confirm your remaining requirements and determine an appropriate schedule of courses for the upcoming semester. Students will need to complete the prerequisites for any course as specified by the instructor.

History 79-104

Global Histories

History 79-200

Introduction to Historical Research & Writing: The History of Witchcraft and Witch Hunting

History 79-202

Flesh and Spirit: Early Modern Europe, 1400-1750

History 79-230

Arab-Israeli Conflict Since 1948

History 79-242

African American History: Reconstruction to the Present

History 79-249

20th/21st Century U.S. History

History 79-266

Russian History: From Communism to Capitalism

History 79-201

Introduction to Anthropology

History 79-209/A4

The Art of Historical Detection (mini 4, 6 units)

History 79-213/A4

The American Railroad: Decline and Renaissance in the Age of Deregulation (mini 4, 6 units)

History 79-215/A4

The End of Colonialism and the Birth of Modern Africa, 1945-1975 (mini 4, 6 units)

History 79-235

Caribbean Cultures

History 79-239/A4

The Great Depression in America, 1929-1941 (mini 4, 6 units)

History 79-249

20th/21st Century U.S. History

History 79-260

Adolf Hitler

History 79-273

Jews and Muslims in History

History 79-278

How (NOT) to Change the World

History 79-280

Coffee and Capitalism

History 79-281

Introduction to Religion

History 79-283

Hungry World: Food and Famine in Global Perspective

History 79-287/A3

The Mummy’s Curse: Uses and Abuses of Archaeology (mini 3, 6 units

History 79-289

Animal Planet: An Environmental History of People and Animals

History 79-302/A4

Killer Robots: The Ethics, Law, and Politics of Lethal Autonomous Weapons System (mini 4, 6 units)

History 79-319

India through Film

History 79-320

Women, Politics, and Protest

History 79-322

Stalin and the Great Terror

History 79-325/A4

U.S. Gay and Lesbian History (mini 4, 6 units)

History 79-328

Photographers and Photography Since World War II

History 79-329/A3

“High Crimes and Misdemeanors”: The Constitution and Impeachment (mini 3, 6 units)

History 79-334/A4

Climate Change and Climate Justice: Global Perspectives (mini 4, 6 units)

History 79-335

Drug Use and Drug Policy

History 79-339/A4

Juvenile Delinquency and Film: From “The Soul of Youth” (1920) to “West Side Story” (1961) (mini 4, 6 units)

History 79-341

The Cold War in Documents and Film

History 79-344/A4

Public History: Learning Outside the Classroom (mini 4, 6 units)

History 79-325/A4

U.S. Gay and Lesbian History (mini 4, 6 units)

History 79-345

Roots of Rock & Roll NEWLY EXPANDED

History 79-351

Germany & the European Union

History 79-355/A4

Fake News: “Truth” in the History of American Journalism (mini 4, 6 units)

History 79-375

College Students, Politics, and Protest: Student Activism Since World War II

History 79-387/A4

General Francisco Franco: Fascism and its Legacies in Spain (mini 4, 6 units)

History 79-396

Music and Society in 19th and 20th Century Europe and the U.S.

History 79-419

Topics in Russian Language & Culture: 20th Century Russian Masterpieces

Students may satisfy the elective requirements in SPH with up to 27 units offered by other departments in Dietrich College:

Please see Andrew Ramey, the Academic Advisor, for guidance in selecting appropriate Elective Courses in the Spring 2018 semester that satisfy Social & Political History degree requirements.