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Current Course Offerings

Fall 2018

The following list of courses may be counted toward the Social & Political History major for the upcoming semester. Please schedule an appointment with the academic advisor prior to course registration in order to confirm your remaining requirements and determine an appropriate schedule of courses for the upcoming semester. Students will need to complete the prerequisites for any course as specified by the instructor.

History 79-104

Global Histories

History 79-200

Intro to Historical Research & Writing: World War I: Lived Experience, Meanings, and Memory

History 79-420

Historical Research Seminar (12 units)

Choose at least two; additional surveys can count as SPH Electives

History 79-205

20th & 21st Century Europe

History 79-211

Modern Southeast Asia: Colonialism, Capitalism, and Cultural Exchange

History 79-223

Mexico: From the Aztec Empire to the Drug War

History 79-227

Modern Africa: The Slave Trade to the End of Apartheid

History 79-245

Capitalism and Individualism in American Culture

History 79-262

Modern China: From the Birth of Mao … to Now

History 79-266

Russian History: From Communism to Capitalism

History 79-288

Bananas, Baseball, and Borders: Latin America and the United States

History 79-208

Witchcraft and Witch-Hunting

History 79-214/A2

Paris in Revolt: History, Literature, Film (second half mini, 6 units)

History 79-216/A1

Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire (first half micro, 3 units)

History 79-236/A2

Coming to America: The View from New York City, Past and Present (second half mini, 6 units)

History 79-264/A2

Tibet and China: History and Propaganda (second half mini, 6 units)

History 79-296/A2

Religion in American Politics (second half mini, 6 units)

History 79-300

History of American Public Policy

History 79-303/A2

Pittsburgh and the Transformation of Modern Urban America (second half mini, 6 units)

History 79-306

Fact into Film: Translating History into Cinema

History 79-312/A1

Archaeology of Death (first half mini, 6 units)

History 79-313/A2

“Unwanted”: Refugees, Asylum Seekers, and Patterns of Global Migration (2nd half mini, 6 units)

History 79-315

Thirsty Planet: The Politics of Water in Global Perspective

History 79-316

Photography, the First 100 Years, 1839 -1939

History 79-324/A1

#MeToo: Naming and Resisting Gender Violence (first half mini, 6 units)

History 79-327/A2

Modern Girlhood: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives (second half mini, 6 units)

History 79-331

Body Politics: Women and Health in America

History 79-333

Sex, Gender, & Anthropology

History 79-340/A2

Juvenile Delinquency & Film: “Juvenile Court” (1973) to “The Wire” (2002-08) (2nd half mini, 6 units)

History 79-343

Education, Democracy, and Civil Rights

History 79-346

American Political Humor

History 79-350

Early Christianity

History 79-355/A1

Fake News: “Truth” in the History of American Journalism (first half mini, 6 units)

History 79-358/A2

Nazi Ghettos: From Spatial Segregation to Killing Zones

History 79-368/A2

Un-natural Disasters: Societies and Environmental Hazards in Global Perspective (2nd half mini, 6 units)

History 79-371

African American Urban History

History 79-377

Food, Culture, and Power: A History of Eating

History 79-379

Extreme Ethnography

History 79-382/A1

Voting, Elections, & American Democracy: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives (1st half mini, 6 units)

History 79-385

Out of Africa: The Making of the African Diaspora

History 79-391

Stardom, Gender, and American Film

History 79-392

America at War: From Vietnam to Afghanistan

History 79-395

The Arts in Pittsburgh

Students may satisfy the elective requirements in SPH with up to 27 units offered by other departments in Dietrich College:

Please see Andrew Ramey, the Academic Advisor, for guidance in selecting appropriate Elective Courses in the Spring 2018 semester that satisfy Social & Political History degree requirements.