Carnegie Mellon University

Current Course Offerings

Fall 2019

The following list of courses may be counted toward the Global Studies major for the upcoming semester. Please schedule an appointment with the academic advisor prior to course registration in order to confirm your remaining requirements and determine an appropriate schedule of courses for the upcoming semester. Students will need to complete the prerequisites for any course as specified by the instructor.

History 79-104

Global Histories

History 79-400

Global Studies Research Seminar

HISTORY 79-275

Intro to Global Studies

Please see the Modern Languages section of the schedule of classes for a list of courses available this semester.

History 79-211

Modern Southeast Asia: Colonialism, Capitalism, and Cultural Exchange

HISTORY 79-315

Thirsty Planet: The Politics of Water in Global Perspective

HISTORY 79-383

The History of Capitalism

Transnational and Global Courses

HISTORY 79-270/A2

Anti-Semitism Then and Now: Perspectives from the Middle Ages to the Present

History 79-333

Sex, Gender & Anthropology

HISTORY 79-352/A2

Christianity Divided: The Protestant and Catholic Reformations, 1450-1650

IPS 84-370

Global Nuclear Politics

Philosophy 80-348

Health Development and Human Rights

ML 82-283

Language Diversity & Cultural Identity

ML 82-304

The Francophone World

ML 82-345

Introduction to Hispanic Literary and Cultural Studies

IPS 85-326

Theories of International Relations

Regional Courses

The Americas

ML 82-248

Topics in Social Change: Art, Media, and Social Change in Cuba and Nicaragua

ML 82-343

Latin America: Language and Culture (taught in Spanish)

ML 82-451

Studies in Latin American Literature and Culture

Eastern and Southern Asia and the Pacific

History 79-264/A2

Tibet and China: History and Propaganda (second half mini, 6 units)


History 79-205

20th & 21st Century Europe

HISTORY 79-206

Crime and Punishment in Early Modern Europe

History 79-214/A2

Paris in Revolt

ML 82-320

Contemporary Society in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

ML 82-327

The Emergence of the German Speaking World

ML 82-415

Topics in French and Francophone Studies

The Middle East

HISTORY 79-229

Origins of the Arab Israeli Conflict

Please schedule an appointment with the academic advisor for guidance in selecting appropriate Thematic and Nation-based courses that satisfy Global Studies degree requirements.