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Shawn Alfonso Wells

Shawn Alfonso Wells

Adjunct Instructor


Shawn Alfonso Wells graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a doctorate degree in 2008. She is an Anthropologist of the Caribbean and Latin America and her primary area of research includes race and ethnicity with a focus on Cuba. Other research interests consist of delving into the complexities of sex and gender. She has investigated race relations and the color classification system in Cuba as well as the intersections of sex, race, and class, particularly as they combine in the Atlantic World. She is currently teaching at Carnegie Mellon University in the History department and is the director of abc Spanish playtime, a Spanish language learning program for young children and their parents.


Ph.D.: University of Pittsburgh, 2004

Courses Taught

  • Comparative Slavery
  • Race Relations in the Atlantic World
  • Caribbean Cultures
  • Introduction to Anthropology

Department Member Since: 2004