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Research & Publications

The Department of History's graduate program is driven by research, and aimed at helping each student write and defend a first-rate doctoral dissertation. The focus on research is evident throughout the program. The two-semester Research Seminar combines instruction in research methods, techniques, and writing with the production of a research paper based on primary sources. Students receive joint mentoring on this paper from the instructor in the Research Seminar and from their academic advisors.

The department's Graduate Research Forum serves as the capstone experience for students in the Research Seminar. Held during the spring semester, the Research Forum provides second-year students who have completed the seminar an opportunity to present their research to a community of professional historians in a conference-like environment. Advanced graduate students who are often near the completion of their dissertations serve as formal commentators on the second-year papers, and lively question-and-answer sessions and debates often ensue. The Graduate Research Forum also features papers by advanced graduate students, written either as dissertation chapters or as papers prepared for publication or presentation at other professional conferences.

The faculty is committed to working closely with graduate students in developing and crafting their dissertations and helping them to publish their work.

You can find information on current and recent research and publishing by graduate students in the links below.