Carnegie Mellon University

Financial Aid

General Funding

All full-time graduate students who are making good progress are fully funded by the department for at least four years. If a student continues to make good progress, funding may extend up to six years. No students are funded beyond six years.

Funding includes:

  • tuition
  • health insurance
  • fees,
  • a living stipend (as of 2018, $21,000 per year).

Funding Details

For the first year, graduate students receive a stipend without teaching; beginning in the second year, students work as teaching or research assistants in exchange for their stipends.

All graduate students receive research funds for the summer between their first and second years in order to pursue a chosen project in the Research Seminar.

Every graduate student receives one fully-funded semester free of teaching to do research for the dissertation. Students working abroad in a foreign language receive two fully-funded semesters free of teaching to do research.

Additional funding is also available by application to the Graduate Studies Committee to attend conferences and workshops and to make short research trips.

Additional Assistance

Additional Information about Financial Assistance can be found at Enrollment Services. To read more, please visit the consumer information page.