Carnegie Mellon University

Kathleen Conway, Ed.D.

Kathleen Conway, Ed.D.

Senior Academic Advisor and Program Manager, Undergraduate Economics Program

  • Tepper 2407
5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


Pronouns: she/her/hers

Office Location: Tepper 2407
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Kathleen advises primary majors in Economics and Economics & Mathematical Sciences and co-advises students majoring in Economics & Politics and Economics & Statistics. She also advises all students with declared additional majors and minors in Economics.

How long have you been at CMU and how did you get here?

I've been at CMU since 2013.  As a native Pittsburgher, I welcomed the opportunity to return to Pittsburgh and combine my areas of study in both economics and higher education with the CMU Economics program.  I spent a lot of time being a student earning Masters Degrees in Economics and Higher Education and a Doctorate in Education, and have held various roles in higher education institutions including academic support, orientation, and advising.

What is something you love about your job and/or what is one of your favorite memories of being an advisor?

I love the uniqueness of each of the students I have the pleasure of getting to know.  CMU students have so many talents and interesting stories and experiences, and I learn something new from them every day.  I also love the collaborative network of advisors that partner in supporting students. I love talking with students no matter what part of your academic journey you are on!  As an advisor, I'm here to support you throughout your time at CMU!

What was your undergraduate major? How did you end up deciding on it?

I majored in Economics and Psychology.  Principles of Microeconomics was my very first class at 8 am on Monday, and after the first lecture I knew that I loved the way economics can be used to explain every social, corporate, and political phenomenon.  Once you see economics, you can't unsee it.  It's happening everywhere and in everything.  I love the analytical skills that economics gave me, and the ability to make sense of data.

What activities/hobbies do you like to do outside of work and/or what do you like to do to de-stress or unwind after a busy day?

I love exploring all that Pittsburgh has to offer - hiking, biking, kayaking - you name it!  Some of the best kept secrets of Pittsburgh are hidden park trails, hills with fantastic sunset views, and tiny unknown restaurants.  If I can encourage you to do one thing during your time at CMU, it's get out there and see the city -- bike, walk, or take the bus to a Pittsburgh neighborhood that you haven't visited!  Explore the streets, shops, restaurants, and people!