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Masters of Global Communication & Applied Translation

A Joint Program of the Department of English and the Department of Modern Languages

Masters of Global Communication & Applied Translation

A three-semester masters program for translation, localization, and global communication

The Masters of Arts in Global Communication & Applied Translation (GCAT) is a three-semester program that provides students with training in the principles and practices of professional translation, localization, and global communication. Students will build expertise through coursework in theories and approaches to translation, cross-linguistic and cross-cultural analysis, computer-assisted technologies, and field-specific domains; project-based collaborations; and internships.

An interdisciplinary effort from the Department of English and Department of Modern Languages, the GCAT program is uniquely situated at Carnegie Mellon University. A vibrant global university, the campus is an interdisciplinary learning community of individuals from numerous countries, known for its innovation and impact on the world.

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Spotlight: Gabriele Maier

Gabriele MaierTeaching Professor of German, Modern Languages

Gabi Echmanns Maier, from the Department of Modern Languages, is head of the Global Communication and Applied Translation program. Gabi started out as a double major in Comparative Literature and Japanese Studies at the University of Bonn in Germany. She also received her M.A. in Comparative Literature at the University of Washington. Having studied in Japan and Denmark, she decided to complete her Ph.D. program in German at the University of Washington. She began to have the aim of teaching in her own language while simultaneously learning about her host country’s culture.

Years later, she thrives in her work as a teaching professor of German Studies in Modern Languages at CMU, and she is the author of numerous texts and winner of several awards. Her textbook on Germany and globalization, "Deutschland im Zeitalter der Globalisierung," is available from Yale University Press. As of 2019, she was the recipient of the 2018-19 Elliot Dunlap Smith Award for Distinguished Teaching and Educational Service in the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences.