Carnegie Mellon University

Humanities Analytics (HumAn) Minor

The human experience that is traditionally at the core of a humanities education is being dramatically transformed by the emergence of big data, digital platforms, computational thinking, and digital connectivity. Spurred by such developments, the minor in Humanities Analytics (HumAn) will train students in the processes involved in analyzing, digitizing, quantifying, and visualizing different types of humanities and cultural phenomena, including printed books, manuscripts, historical records, art, music, and film. 

"HumAn" is the Carnegie Mellon Department of English Digital Humanities minor.


Minor Requirements 

Two Required Courses

76-275 Critical Writing Workshop
76-380 Methods in Humanities Analytics

Two of the Following Core Courses

76-314 Data Stories
76-361 Corpus Rhetorical Analysis
76-388 Coding for Humanists
76-419 Media in a Digital Age
76-425 Science in the Public Sphere
76-429 Intro to Digital Humanities (topics vary by semester)
88-275 Bubbles: Data Science for Human Minds
88-300 Programming and Data Analysis for Social Scientists

Two Electives Based on Primary Major

For primary majors in English, History, Modern Languages, or Philosophy, students select two courses relevant to digital and analytical methods from List A. Please note: this is not an exhaustive list. To determine if a course not listed here will count toward the minor, please contact Laura E. Donaldson.

05-391 Designing Human Centered Software 
05-434/11-344 Machine Learning in Practice 
11-441/741 Machine Learning for Text Mining 1 
15-104 Introduction to Computing for Creative Practice 
15-110 Principles of Computing 
16-223 Introduction to Physical Computing 
18-090 Twisted Signals: Multimedia Processing for the Arts 
19-713 Policies of Wireless Systems 
36-201 Statistical Reasoning and Practice 
36-202 Methods for Statistics and Data Science 
36-315 Statistical Graphics and Visualization (This course has prerequisites.)
36-350 Statistical Computing 3 
48-095 Spatial Concepts for Non-Architects I 
48-120 Digital Media I
51-229 Digital Photographic Imaging 
53-451 Research Issues in Game Development
60/62-142 Digital Photography I 
60-427 Advanced CP/ETB: Special Topic 
62-150 IDeATe: Introduction to Media Synthesis and Analysis 

For students in primary majors other than English, History, Modern Languages, or Philosophy, students select two electives courses relevant to broad Humanities expertise from List B. Please note: this is not an exhaustive list. To determine if a course not listed here will count toward the minor, please contact Laura E. Donaldson.

76-325 Intertextuality
76-373 Argument
76-385 Introduction to Discourse Analysis
76-394 Research in English
76-444 History of Books and Reading: Media before "New Media"
76-472 Multimedia Storytelling in a Digital Age
76-476 Rhetoric of Science
76-491 Rhetorical Analysis
76-386 Language and Culture
79-200 Introduction to Historical Research & Writing
79-305 Moneyball Nation: Data in American Life
80-180 Nature of Language
80-280 Linguistic Analysis
80-381 Meaning in Language
80-383 Language in Use
82-282 Community Service Learning
82-283 Language Diversity & Cultural Identity
82-383 Second Language Acquisition: Theories and Research
82-480 Social and Cognitive Aspects of Bilingualism 

To learn more about or declare the minor in Humanities Analytics (HumAn), please contact Laura E. Donaldson, Undergraduate Academic Coordinator.