Carnegie Mellon University

Humanities Analytics Minor

The human experience that is traditionally at the core of a humanities education is being dramatically transformed by the emergence of big data, digital platforms, computational thinking, and digital connectivity. Spurred by such developments, the minor in Humanities Analytics (HumAn) will train students in the processes involved in analyzing, digitizing, quantifying, and visualizing different types of humanities and cultural phenomena, including printed books, manuscripts, historical records, art, music, and film. 

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Minor Requirements 

76-294 Interpretive Practice

76-4xx (Course to be named by Spring 2018)

Two of the following:

76-388 Topics in Digital Humanities: Coding for Humanities

76-419 Media in a Digital Age

76-425 Science in the Public Sphere

76-429 Early Modern Theatre, Conversion, & Digital Humanities

76-483 Corpus Analysis in Rhetoric

For majors in Humanities: two elective courses relevant to digital and analytical methods. (Found on LIST A)
For non-Humanities majors: two electives courses relevant to broad Huamnities expertise. (Found on LIST B)

To learn more about the minor in Humanities Analytics, please contact Laura E. Donaldson, Undergraduate Academic Coordinator, or see the current undergraduate course catalog.