Carnegie Mellon University

Richard Branscomb

Ph.D. Student

5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213


My research interests are multifaceted: Broadly, I am interested in the rhetorical production that arises when (or if) members of the public engage with the US political process. From media habits to activism, the clashes of discursive spheres surrounding our current political environment reveal the protean and visceral nature of that discourse. In particular, I am interested in the limitations of something like "transparency," not just as a feature of the democratic process, but as a duplicitous conception of civic discourse– from both within and without the body politic.

I have previously studied narrative testimony in antipornography legislation in Utah and, more recently, I am researching scientific testimony on climate change at the federal level. I hold a BA in English from Utah Valley University and an MA in English with an emphasis in Rhetoric & Composition from the University of Utah.