Carnegie Mellon University

A still from the film "Life and Nothing More."

March 22, 2018

International Film Festival to Focus on “Faces of (In)Equality,” March 22-April 8

By Stefanie Johndrow

“Faces of (In)Equality,” Carnegie Mellon University’s 2018 International Film Festival, features 14 award-winning films that explore the realities of societal imbalance. The festival, the only one of its kind in Pittsburgh, will run March 22 through April 8 at various locations. 

“Socially, racially and economically, ‘equality’ is a loaded word. It conjures up peace and harmony, while also reminding us of conflicts begun and lives lost in its name,” said Jolanta Lion, director of the festival and assistant director of the Humanities Center in the Dietrich College of Humanities and Social Sciences.  “Today, it seems we live in a world in which the call for equality is stronger than ever. But what does an equal world look like? We know film may not offer all the answers, but we believe it is a platform with sufficient depth and global roots to help us better understand the topic and the issues that surround it.”

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