Carnegie Mellon University
July 08, 2010

Veronica Olson Receives Steinberg Award

Veronica Olson Receives Steinberg Award

Veronica Olson (MAPW '10) is the 2010 recipient of the Erwin R. Steinberg MAPW Scholarship. Each year, this scholarship is awarded to the 3rd semester MAPW who excels in Style, a course that Steinberg taught for many years in the MAPW program. Additionally, the recipient must exemplify the qualities of integrity, intellectual curiosity, and citizenship that marked Steinberg's long career at Carnegie Mellon, during which time he was involved in the founding and developing of the MAPW program.

Veronica, who received her BA in Communication at the University of Wyoming, is spending her summer interning with CMU's Information Networking Institute in marketing and communications. In the fall, she will be a marketing intern with the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust. During the school year, she also works part-time in communications with the Mechanical Engineering department on campus.

When it comes to her interests in the field of professional writing, Veronica says, "I'm interested in the entire creation of a communication project-developing an idea into meaningful text, incorporating that content into an attractive and useful design, and then delivering a full-fledged product."

"I'm also interested in how to communicate technical information to a general audience in a way that is exciting, understandable, and informative," she adds.

Veronica enjoys working at a university, and plans on pursuing positions in such a setting. More specifically, she is interested in positions that combine her interests and skills "perhaps in marketing/communications or cultural outreach."

"I also enjoy working with and helping students, so I could see myself in an advising role or even teaching one day," she says.

Congratulations to Veronica, the 2010 recipient of the Erwin R. Steinberg MAPW Scholarship!