Carnegie Mellon University

"Black Lives with Corrupted Minds" by Katteria Weldon

Honorable Mention for High School Poetry

Kinky, curly hair,
Dark, velvety skin,
Thoughts trapped in the mind,
Feelings kept within.

Being told, “You’ll never make it out of this town,”
Believing every drop of spit coming out.

“You’re just like the rest,” was all they ever said.
Portrayed as a mad, black girl,
Just another mistake.

Treated with disrespect,
Left to pick up the broken mess,
I’m so distressed,
Underrated, eliminated from the rest of the world.
Talented and bright, what’s all the spite?
Is it because I’m not white?
Or is it just not right?

Let me write, as I fight,
For myself and my people.
Carrying on with the lies,
Let my soul just die.
Have my body slowly disintegrate,
As my corrupted mind explodes,
While you belittle my culture and belittle my skin,
Have my heart ripped and thrown into the ditch.

It’s just me, myself, and I,
Hating and wanting to get off this rollercoaster ride,
While you have a big, sly smile on your face.
I prayed to God, to make a change.

Police brutality, racism, and hatred fill the daily news.
From the Charleston murder to Sandra Bland,
Time is slowing dissolving by the minute;
Hatred is building by the hour.
The tower is ready to destruct.

Why did you rape?
Why did you hate?
And treat my fate like a piece of cake?
Take away this enduring pain.
But you will not, take away the pain,
You want to see us, blacks, die and fly up to the skies.
Because you will realize that I was a white dove that cried many times.

But that does not matter to you, only thing that matters is my dark, velvety skin and kinky hair.

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