Carnegie Mellon University

"Sushi at Yunioshi's" by Kevin Lee

First Place for College Poetry

You probably think you’ve seen me
sipping bubble teas, walking Pekingese
and other small breeds across these city streets
Kicking it with Mr. Miyagi in the back seat
of my Honda Accord SE, puffin poppy seeds
bumpin’ Far East, and always acting accordingly.
I’m that young Bruce Lee with the buckteeth
and Coke bottle frames,
that don’t know he don’t know how to sing.
But you know I know when that “Hotrine Bring”
I’m that Karaoke King with that four-inch thing.
I’m that chink in the back pew
trading Yu-Gi-Oh cards for Pikachu’s.
I’m that dude with the kimchi stains on his Canada-Goose-Fu-Manchu,
dripping down to his Jimmy Choo shoes.
For some reason,
I’m not the person you know but the guy that you see.
But if you ever want to get to know the real me,
I’ll be sippin soju like it’s iced tea
on the corner of Mott Street
eating sushi with Mr. Yunioshi.

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