Carnegie Mellon University

Dissertations & Job Placement

Since its inception in 1980, the Ph.D. program in Rhetoric at Carnegie Mellon University has been preparing its graduates for positions at universities around the U.S. Our graduates are faculty members of English, rhetoric, and communications department.

Other Rhetoric Ph.D.s are researchers in government and industry, working for corporations and organizations such as Microsoft, Bell Northern Research (Canada), the Centers for Disease Control, the Bureau of Land Management, the Veterans Affairs Pittsburgh Healthcare System, and Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Laboratories.

In short, our graduates have helped to define the field of rhetoric in the U.S. and have proven themselves marketable in both traditional and nontraditional settings.

The following table presents the placements of our graduates since 2005. For a complete list of dissertations, click here.





2018 Ana Cooke

Collaborating in Public: How Openness Shapes Global Warming Articles in Wikipedia

Assistant Professor of Professional Writing, Penn State University
Julia Deems Achieving Mental Health Parity: A Rhetorical Analysis of a Social Change
Derek Handley Strategies for Performing Citizenship: Rhetorical Citizenship and the Black Freedom Movement Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Composition, Lehigh University

Ryan Roderick

Assistant Professor, Husson University

Will Penman

Lecturer, Princeton Writing Program
2017 Amanda Berardi Tennant Negotiating Concealable Identities Through Strategic Self-Reflection: The Rhetorics of Appalachian College Student Writers Assistant Professor of English and Director of the Writing Center at West Liberty University
Garrett Stack The Sierra Club and the Rhetorical Sublime Assistant Professor of English in the Department of English, Literature, and World Languages at Ferris State University
Mary Glavan The Rhetoric of Situated Advocacy: Disability and the Price of Persuasion Lecturer at University of Southern California

Jessica Harrell

Emerging Memories: A Rhetorical History of Remembering after September 11, 2001 Teaching Consultant at The Eberly Center, Carnegie Mellon University

Carolyn Commer

Shaping Education Policy in the Era of Neoliberal Reform: Lessons from the 2006 Spellings Commission Visiting Assistant Professor of English, Virginia Tech

Ari Klein

Becoming the Federal Reserve Chairman: The Micro-Discursive Construction of Administrative Authority as a Rhetorical Appeal to Ethos Research Associate, Carnegie Mellon University

Justin Mando

Fracking and the Construction of Proximity: The Public Rhetoric of Place in an Environmental Controversy Assistant Professor of Science & Technical Writing at Millersville University

Doug Phillips

Police Brutality in News Media: Narratives and Narrative Icons as Argumentation and Markers of Communal Identity Teaching Assistant Professor/Advising Specialist, West Virginia University

Kristin Shimmin

Rhetorical Circulation and Discursive Perceptions of Science: How science’s public role emerged in the late 18th and early 19th centuries Assistant Professor of English, Frostburg State University

Logan Schmidt

Greening the Technical: An Analysis of Expertise in a Deliberative Democratic Forum Grant Writer/Editor, Office of Proposal Development, Tufts University
Alexis Teagarden

Whose School: the National and Local Rhetoric of Education Reform

Assistant Professor, University of Massachusetts

2013 Doug Cloud The Gay Warrior and the Untroubled Comrade: The Rhetoric of Identity Categories in Public Discourse Assistant Professor, Colorado State University
Ashley Karlin Rhetorical Motives for Engagement in Dialogues Between Buddhism and Science Lecturer, University of Southern California

William Marcellino

Talk Like a Marine: A qualitative and quantitative analysis of the link between USMC vernacular epideictic and public deliberative speech Associate Behavioral and Social Scientist, RAND Corporation
Tom Mitchell Rhetoric of Place: Shaping a Struggling Neighborhood's Reputation Assistant Teaching Professor, Carnegie Mellon University, Qatar
Mark Thompson Institutional Rhetoric, Argument, and the House Un-American Activities Committee, 1955-1956 Assistant Professor, San Jose University
Kari Lundgren Rhetorically Constituting and Contesting Identity Norms for American Catholic Sisters in Public Discourse Assistant Professor, Oregon Institute of Technology

Dan Baumgardt

A Historical View of Science Accommodation: The Case of Sociolinguistics and African American English Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin, Whitewater
Meaghan O'Keefe

Everything New Is Old Again: The American Catholic Bishops' Politics of Conscience

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, University of California, Davis
Hilary Schuldt Sakamoto's Double Burden: Creating and Using Interpublic Relationships as Rhetorical Resources in the Japanese American Courier Associate Director and Coordinator of Graduate Programs, Eberly Center, Carnegie Mellon University
Emily Stark Striving for Legitimacy: Rhetorical Strategies of Expertise in an Immunological Controversy Associate Director, Carnegie Mellon Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
2011 Necia Werner From communalism to crowdsourcing: How values shape peer review at scientific journals Assistant Teaching Professor of English, Carnegie Mellon University
2009 Jennifer Andrus The "Excited Utterance" and the Rhetorical Agent: How Language Ideology Shapes Agency in the American Law of Evidence Assistant Professor of English, University of Utah
Nathan Atkinson This is Crossroads: How Newsreels Made the 1946 Atomic Tests at Bikini Atoll Public Assistant Professor of Rhetoric, Communications Dept. at Georgia State

Ronald Placone

Incivility in Written Discourse: The United States Supreme Court and Abortion Assistant VP of Learning and Development at Carnegie Mellon University, (PT Study)
Robin Reames-Henry Finding Belief in the Words: The Rhetoric of Paul the Apostle's Confession of Faith Lecturer in English and Media Studies, Bentley University, Waltham, Massachusetts
2008 Erin Friess The User-Centered Design Process: Novice Designers' Use of Evidence in Designing from Data Assistant Professor, Linguistics and Technical Communication, University of North Texas
2007 Neeta Bhasin Nation and Ethnicity in Everyday Lives of Immigrants: Toward a Rhetorical Approach to Identity Assistant Professor, Writing and Rhetoric, Hobart and William Smith
Ludmila Hyman Balancing the Concrete and Abstract in Public Intellectual Reasoning: A Study of Hannah Arendt Postdoctoral Fellow, Max Planck Institute
2006 Craig Stewart Orders of Discourse in the Science-Based Controversy Over "Reparative Therapy" for Homosexuality Assistant Professor, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia
2005 Peter Cramer A Medium-Based Rhetorical Analysis of Newspaper Coverage of the Brooklyn Museum Controversy Assistant Professor, Simon Fraser University
Susan Lawrence Accounting for the Past: Memory, Responsibility, and The Political Motivation Requirement in the South Africa Truth and Reconciliation Commission Amnesty Hearings Assistant Professor, George Mason University
Terri Palmer The Rhetoric of Probability Mathematics Assistant Professor, English, York University, Toronto, ON
Danielle Wetzel  A Temporal Approach to Organizational Rhetoric: A Case Study of the Pittsburgh Citizen Police Review Board Assistant Teaching Professor, English, Carnegie Mellon University