Carnegie Mellon University

Course Add, Switch Section or Change Units Request [.pdf] Used for adding a course, switching sections, or changing the number of units for a course after the established add period and during the semester in which the course is offered.
Course Audit Approval [.pdf] Used for approval to audit a course. Auditing is presence in the classroom without receiving academic credit, a pass/no pass or a letter grade.
Course Drop or Drop Below Full-Time Petition [.pdf] This petition is for students requesting to drop a course after the drop deadline or drop below full-time (36 units) during the current semester. 
Course Withdrawal [.pdf] For students requesting to withdraw from a course after the drop period, with a withdrawal grade assigned.
Dietrich College Internal Transfer Application [.pdf] For non-Dietrich students wishing to transfer into the English Department. Please submit to the Academic Advisory Center (AAC), BH A57. 
Dual Degree Application [.pdf] For undergraduates students requesting to complete two degrees. Once approved by both advisors, please submit to Jen Loughran (BH 259). 
Internal Transfer Application [.pdf] For students who are currently enrolled in another CMU college who wish to transfer into Dietrich College. Please schedule an appointment with the Academic Advisory Center.
Pass/Fail Approval [.pdf] For students electing to take a course pass/no pass, unless prohibited by the course, the course's department or the student's home department/college.

Pittsburgh Council on Higher Education (PCHE) Cross Registration Request Form [.pdf]

Full-time Carnegie Mellon students may take subjects for credit through the Pittsburgh Council on Higher Education (PCHE). The purpose is to provide opportunities for enriched educational programs by permitting full-time paying undergraduate and graduate students to cross-register for one course at any of the 10 PCHE institutions. If you have trouble viewing this, try Internet Explorer.

Please see website for more details and instructions. 

Retroactive Add/Drop Petition, Prior Semester [.pdf] For students requesting permission to add/drop a course, switch a section or change units for a course after the last day of classes for a prior semester.
Transfer Credit Request Form [.pdf] For students requesting courses taken elsewhere to be considered for transfer credit.
Withdrawal [.pdf] For students wishing to withdraw from Carnegie Mellon University with no intention of returning.