Carnegie Mellon University

Academic Advising

Your Faculty Advisor

Your faculty advisor is your most important and first stop for advice on planning coursework in English to meet your educational goals. Upon declaring a primary and/or additional major in the department, you are matched with a faculty advisor who teaches in the program in which you are majoring. If you are doing two majors in English department majors, both a primary and additional, you will have two faculty advisors—one for each program. Minors are also assigned a faculty advisor, usually the director for the major.

The English department will send you a reminder to make an appointment with your advisor to meet during advising week, which is the week before registration for classes. Your advisor will tell you how to go about making an appointment during advising week (e.g., sign up sheet). At other times, email is usually the best way to set up an appointment.

Forgotten your advisor’s name? Ask Laura Donaldson, who has a list of all faculty advisors and advisees.

Academic Advisory Center

Students should visit the Academic Advisory Center (AAC) with questions or concerns regarding their progress towards degree(s). The Academic Advisory Center is located in Baker Hall, room A57. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

You should visit the AAC with any questions regarding your General Education Requirements for Dietrich College. The English department faculty only provide advising for requirements related to the major.