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Teaching Resources for Graduate Students

Faculty Course Evaluations (FCEs)

Graduate student instructors are required to undergo Faculty Course Evaluations (FCE’s) each semester. There are two options for FCEs: A paper-based form and an electronic form. Consult with the First-Year Writing Director Danielle Wetzel for advice about which form you should choose.

Instructors in their first year of the program must opt for the hand-written form.

If you wish to opt for the electronic FCE form, you must complete the Electronic FCE Waiver Form.

Upper Level Teaching

Some Ph. D. students may have the opportunity to teach at the 200-level or above if they have (1) successfully taught their own 76-101 syllabus; (2) completed coursework; (3) completed four semesters of teaching at the 100-level. The department endeavors—but does not guarantee—to give upper level teaching to eligible Ph. D. students according to the curricular needs of the department and a combination of other criteria.

These other criteria include the Ph.D. student’s qualifications, evidence of effective teaching at the 100-level, course or advisor evaluations, seniority, and prior upper-level teaching opportunities. 

Calls for upper level requests are made each semester by the program directors. For more information about Upper Level Teaching, students should contact their Program Directors.

Summer Teaching

Calls for summer teaching are made in December and determined in January by the Summer Teaching Committee. Generally, summer teaching is limited to students who are no longer in coursework, and the number of assignments available each year is dependent upon departmental need.

Compensation for teaching a summer course is not fixed but rather based upon the number of students enrolled in that particular course. For more information about summer teaching, contact First-Year Writing Program Director and Summer Teaching Committee Chair Danielle Wetzel.

Consult the Graduate Handbook for the full policy on teaching assignments.

Teaching Awards

Graduate student teaching awards are awarded annually at the department, college, and university levels. Typically, the department solicits nominations during the fall semester.

View the 2015 Teaching Award Instructions [.doc]. For more information regarding eligibility and requirements, interested students should contact the Assistant Director of Graduate Studies.

Other Resources

The Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence and Educational Innovation
For help with course design and teaching, workshops, and technology for education.

The Hub
The Hub is the space to access course rosters, teaching evaluations, entering grades and more.

Academic Integrity & Plagiarism Policy