Carnegie Mellon University

Research Support & Funding

The university offers numerous opportunities for research support and funding. You should consult with the Department Head and Business Manager when seeking university or external funding opportunities.

External Support

The Grant Forward Search Engine can help you find dissertation fellowships or post-doc opportunities.

Learn about more fellowship and grant opportunities. Note: consult the program, society, or institution website for current deadlines and awards.

University Resources

Graduate Student Conference Funding

Graduate Student Conference Funding is provided by the Graduate Student Assembly and the Provost's Office, and is managed by the Office of the Assistant Vice Provost for Graduate Education. The goal of the funding is to enable more Carnegie Mellon graduate students to make presentations at key conferences/exhibitions in their fields or attend conferences and learn about the broader field of study to which they belong.

This funding opportunity is available to individual graduate students, a group of graduate students attending the same conference and/or a group of members from a registered club/organization attending the same conference. Information on application deadlines, procedures, and required forms are available on the Graduate Student Conference Funding page.

Learn about other programs the GSA supports.

Research Assistantships

Full-time MA students are eligible to apply for a Research Assistant (RA) position. Students work with faculty members on a wide array of assignments designed to supplement their coursework and to give them vaulable professional experience.

Research Grant Support: GuSH and GuSH Crosswalk

The university offers a number of Graduate Student Small project Help (GuSH) research grants. These grants can be used to support cross-department or cross-college projects, or your own individual research. For more information, including application deadlines, eligibility criteria, and required documentation, visit the Research Grant Support page.

Posner Center Internship

The Posner Fine Arts Foundation funds internships for Carnegie Mellon University students to do individual research in the Posner Memorial Collection and prepare exhibits. The student receives a $3,000 stipend to complete a one-semester internship of 15 hours per week spent researching and creating an exhibit in collaboration with librarians.

The internship is open to CMU undergraduate and graduate students. Students who wish to earn academic credit must gain permission from their academic department and/or school before the internship begins. The intern should have a faculty advisor.