Carnegie Mellon University

Yishan Wang

Yishan Wang

Ph.D. Student

5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Area of Study

PhD in Rhetoric


My interests are in argumentation, digital humanities, and their pedagogical implications. Specifically, I seek to explore the interaction between rhetors and their actual/conceived audience: what is the relation among assumption, presumption, and presupposition; how are warrants and backing justified; to what extent do presumptions direct communication between audience and rhetor; when and how does this dynamic emerge and exert influence; and how can these inform writing pedagogy and practice?

I have received a BA in English with a focus on linguistics from Beihang University, Beijing (2017) and an MA in rhetoric from CMU (2018). Besides English, I can also speak Chinese, French, and German.


Graduate: Carnegie Mellon University

Undergraduate: Beihang University