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Steven Gotzler

Steven Gotzler

5000 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Area of Study

PhD in Literary and Cultural Studies


My research explores the intersections of intellectual culture(s), labor, and literature during the twentieth century. I am particularly interested in the history of cultural studies, and exploring the politics of intellectual life and labor in the U.S. and Britain during the postwar period.

In this vein, I have related interests in contemporary criticism that addresses the continued ir/relevance of intellectuals today, as well as digital humanities projects that leverage minimal computing principles to re-appropriate the technologies that underwrite our labor as intellectual workers in the university.

I am currently completing my dissertation, “The Uses of Culture: Intellectual Labor and the Sources of Cultural Studies in Britain and America, 195-1964,” which offers an alternative intellectual history of the emergence of cultural studies during the postwar years, turning to sources in fiction, visual arts, and the social sciences to investigate the different social uses to which intellectuals during this period put the idea of culture in their work as writers, artists, and academics.

I am a founding member of the Contemporary Marxist Reading Group at CMU, and currently serve as a governing board member for the Cultural Studies Association.


"Speaking of the Working Class," The Los Angeles Review of Books, April 2018.

"1956—The British New Left and the 'Big Bang' Theory of Cultural Studies," Lateral: The Journal of the Cultural Studies Association, “Years in Cultural Studies” series, Fall 2019 (8.2)

"Review of 'Second World, Second Sex: Socialist Women's Activism and Global Solidarity during the Cold War' by Kristen Ghodsee (Duke University Press)," Lateral: The Journal of the Cultural Studies Association, “Years in Cultural Studies” series, Spring 2020 (9.1)

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