Carnegie Mellon University

Dietrich College Peer Advising Program

The AAC Peer Advisors are volunteer leaders who serve as a valuable resource for first-year students as they begin their undergraduate careers as CMU students. Available throughout the summer, fall and spring semesters, peer advisors assist students with adjusting to academic life, selecting a major and navigating both campus and the city of Pittsburgh.

The Peer Advising Program provides first-year students with a sense of community within Dietrich College by connecting them with the guidance and support of upperclassmen. By directly answering questions through online discussion boards, posting on social media and emailing first-year students throughout the summer and fall semesters, peer advisors’ goal is to help first-year Dietrich College students feel as if they already have an established connection with an upperclassman before arriving to campus. Once at CMU, new students and peer advisors have multiple opportunities to meet in person to further develop their relationship.


For questions or more information, please email Gina Gales, Assistant Director, Dietrich College Academic Advisory Center.

Peer Advisors


Alec Albright

Majors: Statistics, Audio Recording, Production (BHA)

Twinsburg, OH

Fun Fact:
I’m a twin.


Hannah Anderson

Major: Cognitive Neuroscience
Minor: Business

Burke, Virginia

Fun Fact:
I play soccer for the CMU Women’s team.


Julia Benson

Majors: Behavioral Economics, Policy and Organizations, and Social & Political History

Napa, CA

Fun Fact:
When I was 17, I started a blog about making wine. 


Fiona Dubrosa

Major: Decision Science
Minor: Drama

Chappaqua, NY

Fun Fact:
I was a competitive Irish dancer for 14 years. 


Maxine Rose Ewing

Majors: Directing, Decision Science (BHA)
Minors: Japanese, Media Design

New York, NY

Fun Fact:
I was named after a song.


Valeriia (Lera) Neviadomska

Major: Information Systems
Minors: Human-Computer Interaction and Statistics

Kyiv, Ukraine

Fun Fact:
The first concert I have ever attended was Metallica - I was just 12 years old, but really liked it!


Olivia Olshevski

Majors: Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, English, and Technical Writing
Minors: Technical Writing, Biomedical Engineering

Princeton, NJ

Fun Fact:
I never met a punctuation mark I didn’t like, though I’m especially partial to the em dash and the semicolon.


Hannah Rosenfield

Major: Undecided

Orlando, FL

Fun Fact:
I have a British accent.


Millie Zhang

Major: International Relations and Politics
Minor: Cybersecurity and International Conflict

Cerritos, CA

Fun Fact:
I have an identical twin sister.