Frequently Asked Questions-Academic Advisory Center (AAC) - Carnegie Mellon University

Frequently Asked Questions

How does my student secure an internship?

How does my student study abroad?

Can my student have more than one major and minor?

Can my student meet with advisors outside the AAC? With departmental advisors?

When does a student declare a major/minor?

How does my student get involved on campus?

How does my student request time off, take a leave or withdraw?

How does my student take courses at another institution?

How does my student apply for a scholarship/fellowship?

How does my child find support if he/she has a learning disability?

Can I have access to my student’s grades so I can monitor how they are doing?

Where can I find the academic calendar so I can know the dates and deadlines for the semester?

What does a typical schedule look like for my student? How many units do they take?

How can parents partner with advisors?

How do I contact the AAC?