Carnegie Mellon University

Astro Seminar

Placing Galaxies in the Dark Cosmic Web

In our standard model of cosmology, dark matter constitutes the cosmic structures that galaxies form within. Hence, the relation between visible galaxies and dark matter halos not only informs us of how galaxies form and evolve, but also plays a pivotal role when interpreting results from cosmological surveys and dark matter searches. In particular, we need to properly model and reduce the systematic uncertainties in the galaxy-halo connection. Such uncertainties include our limited knowledge about the galaxy-halo connection at low mass, and also the "assembly bias", which is the effect that the assembly history of halos affects the galaxies reside in. In this talk, I will introduce the recent developments of the galaxy-halo connection on both the theoretical and observational fronts, and demonstrate how advancing the galaxy-halo connection models can further our understandings of cosmology, dark matter physics, and galaxy formation.