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Intel Research Pittsburgh

Intel Research Pittsburgh is an interdisciplinary lablet housed in Carnegie Mellon's Collaborative Innovation Center. The lab was opened in 2001 to fulfill Intel's vision of essential computing by improving the technologies that we rely on in our daily lives. Nearly twenty full-time Intel employees work there, as do Carnegie Mellon faculty and graduate students from departments in fields such as robotics, engineering, and computer science.

Although Intel is synonymous with personal computing, microprocessing technology isn't just for personal computers anymore—the technology has a wide range of applications from hand-held devices to robotic assistants. Advancing this technology and incorporating it in such a way that it empowers us is the driving force behind Intel Research Pittsburgh.

The open spaces of the lab itself reinforce our institutions' approach to innovation and collaboration, encouraging researchers to look to their colleagues for inspiration or assistance. Current research at the lab spans robotics and computer systems, cloud computing, multi-core architectures, computer-assisted medicine, sensing and perception, wireless and optical networking, and parallel and distributed computing.

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