CyLab: Leaders in Network Security-Corporate and Institutional Partnerships - Carnegie Mellon University

CyLab: A World-Class Cyber Research Center

Launched in 2003, Carnegie Mellon CyLab is at the forefront of research into how to meet the unprecendented cyber security and privacy challenges of the 21st century.

CyLab is a university-wide initiative that involves over fifty faculty members and one hundred graduate students from six different departments. Carnegie Mellon CyLab is one of the world's premier research centers in cyber security, privacy, and availability.

CyLab's unique cross-disciplinary approach draws on expertise in management and policy, economics and psychology, as well as software engineering, secure systems design, networking, and cryptography, to develop holistic strategies and solutions.

CyLab's strategy integrates research and development (R&D) with education to build capacity in three essential areas:

  • Technology capacity: Pursuing an aggressive R&D agenda that integrates technology, business, and policy.
  • Personnel Capacity: Educating professionals in Security Technologies, Business, and Policy, and raising Security Awareness among cyber-citizens of all ages.
  • Industrial Capacity: Transitioning technology to small, medium and large companies, and creating start-ups.

CyLab Partnership Sharpens the Cutting Edge

CyLab's partnership program has enabled dozens of powerful corporations in technology, defense, automotive manufacturing, telecommunications, finance and other sectors to join forces with a global leader in research into cyber security, privacy, and availability. This potent partnership allows participating companies to leverage CyLab’s extraordinary forward momentum to accelerate their own advances.

The foundation of CyLab partnership is articulated in the "Four R's" – Research, Recruitment, Return on Investment, and Reputation. The CyLab partnership program offers a full spectrum of options that enable companies to participate at the level that best addresses their needs and meets their budgets.