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There are many ways to support Carnegie Mellon, including opportunities to educate your employees, expand your talent base, and bring innovations to market. Many of these options are listed below. If you find something that interests you - or have other engagement ideas - please contact us.

Faculty, Student, & Other Support

Depending on your interests and goals, there are many ways can work with you to develop a plan in one of the following areas or help you come up with another option to suit your needs.


Endowment of a distinguished professorship or chair shows a company’s belief in the values of higher education. It allows us to recruit and retain the best faculty in the world so that we continue to have top quality teachers and researchers at Carnegie Mellon.


Companies can support students through fellowships and scholarships. These gifts can enable the best students to gain a world-class education, and they can contribute to increasing diversity on campus. Paid internship opportunities and funding for student organizations are two other ways corporations can assist students.


Funding existing and new facilities allows corporations to make a long-term impact on the university. Our campus encourages and supports collaboration in a shared intellectual space. Contributing to physical space that supports this interdisciplinary work is a great way for a company to support the entire campus.

Research Grants and Equipment

As a world-class research university, many innovations are born at Carnegie Mellon. Funding and equipment from companies help support this cutting-edge research that could change your industry and our everyday lives.

Corporate Matching Funds

Matching employee contributions are a great way to both help Carnegie Mellon and to encourage employee philanthropy.

Professional and Executive Education

Carnegie Mellon offers multiple opportunities for professional and executive education, including graduate degrees, executive education programs, distance learning, expert speakers, seminars, conferences, and workshops. Professionals have different needs when it comes to expanding their careers and advancing their educations. Carnegie Mellon offers a wide variety of opportunities in different fields to meet those diverse needs and to do so in a world-class university environment. Our schools and departments offer a wide range of opportunities, including:


The top companies in the world recruit at Carnegie Mellon to find the best students to join their ranks and lead their companies into the future. Our students are among the brightest and most talented in the world, and they will bring new ideas and insights to your organization.
The Office of Corporate Relations can facilitate a visit to campus for you, and several other offices on campus are available to facilitate recruiting activities on campus:

Technology Transfer

It's no secret that Carnegie Mellon faculty and researchers create extraordinary inventions. The Center for Technology Transfer and Enterprise Creation (CTTEC) connects Carnegie Mellon inventions with the companies that can successfully introduce them to the public. These creations fall along many stages of the commercialization continuum, from embryonic technologies that, with some work, will fundamentally change an industry, to "off-the-shelf" technology that is ready for a company to bring it to market.