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COVID-19 Updates

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For Doctoral & Master's Students

Because the educational experience of graduate students is varied, decisions for the coming semester will undoubtedly be influenced by the specific type of educational activities in which you are planning to be engaged.


The hybrid approach designed for the fall semester will allow for a combination of remote and in-person course experiences and a great deal of personal flexibility. Students who are unable to come to campus or who prefer remote learning will, in the majority of cases, be able to launch or continue your studies and progress toward your degree regardless of location.


Refer to the Researcher Resources page for more information regarding how the COVID-19 pandemic affects your research. Researchers who have been approved to do specific research-related activities on campus facilities are expected to comply with all safety requirements as outlined in the Returning to On-site Work section of this site.

For those of you who plan on continuing your research or teaching while working remotely outside of the United States, please contact your program director to determine whether there may be any limitations on your ability to perform that work.

The university will maintain and manage the overall inventory of critical personal protective equipment (PPE) and supplies to support physical distancing. Requests for PPE and supplies needed by organizational units to support their return to campus can be made by emailing


Those preparing for roles as instructors or teaching assistants may need to modify your educational practice in the fall to adjust to the hybrid format and safety constraints. Actual modality assignments for all courses are being finalized now and department leadership will work closely with graduate student instructors and TAs to provide guidance and address any concerns. Additionally, the Eberly Center stands ready to assist you as you prepare for these new practices and approaches.