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COVID-19 Updates

Information and resources for the CMU community

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Housing & Dining

The extraordinary times of living through a pandemic call for our heightened commitment to prioritizing our community’s health and safety as we work to mitigate coronavirus spread in our facilities and on campus.

Housing Plans and Considerations

Please visit the Housing & Residential Education website for more information.


Dining Services has refined its offerings and meal plan options to align with evolving health and safety conditions. First-year students living in university housing will be expected to maintain a meal plan to support a successful transition to college life.

Further details regarding dining plans and evolving health and safety measures can be found on the Dining Services website

Dining Services is adhering to the following health and safety protocols at its dining locations:

  • Facial coverings are optional, but remain strongly recommended, for individuals who are up-to-date with respect to COVID-19 vaccinations.
  • Vaccinated individuals are permitted to sit inside a dining facility and eat. Vaccinated individuals can sit and eat together without distancing.
  • Unvaccinated individuals must be distanced from others to sit and eat in a dining facility. If distancing is not possible, they must take their food somewhere they can be distant from others.