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Athletics & Recreation

Recreation is an essential component of campus life, contributing to the student experience and to the health and well-being of our students.

Athletics and Recreation used a staggered and phased approach to re-opening. All patrons of our facilities will need to understand the protocols and must adhere to these policies and procedures.

All athletics facilities will be monitored during open hours by Athletics Department staff. Patrons must check-in to each facility upon arrival and staff members will log their contact information for contact tracing purposes. Carnegie Mellon IDs will be required for individuals to gain entry into an athletics facility. Facilities will not be accessible outside of the supervised open times.

If a facility is unable to be monitored by an Athletics staff, it will be closed.

All students utilizing the athletics facilities are expected to have completed the required two-week quarantine before coming to campus or engaging in on-campus activities.

Click through to the individual facility links below to learn about hours of operation, space capacity and usage protocols and procedures.

Outdoor Athletic Facilities

Indoor Athletic Facilities

Additional Spaces and Information

  • Skibo Gymnasium
    Skibo Gym be available for approved intercollegiate and club sport use. It will not be open for general recreation and all group use must be scheduled, approved and supervised.
  • Club Sports 
    All student engagements must be scheduled and approved by Athletics staff.