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Etiquette for Eating on Campus

Dining locations and daily hours of operation (which will fluctuate) are provided on the Dining Services website. You are encouraged to eat outdoors, at an open dining location or in your workspace. You are permitted to eat in a public space next to individuals who are fully vaccinated, but you should be distanced if they are not vaccinated.

If you are eating in your workspace and have not been fully vaccinated, maintain 6 feet of distancing between others in a well-ventilated area or close your office door.

We continue to encourage that food or beverage be consumed outdoors or provided on a takeaway basis to be consumed in a private space whenever possible. If food is to be served as part of an indoor meeting or event, the event should be hosted in a space that provides for ample physical distancing between participants. If shared food (e.g., pizza) is provided for a meeting or event, it is recommended that one should use their individual unused utensil (e.g. fork or spoon) to retrieve the food item.