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Working Remotely

All staff members who can complete 100% of their work remotely should continue to work from home until further notice for the health and safety of our entire community and to comply with stay-at-home orders by various governors.

For those whose work is not able to be performed remotely, or are concerned that they do not have enough work that can be performed remotely to fill a full-time schedule, the university has created policies to provide staff with the opportunity to earn their full compensation through May 31, 2020. As outlined in President Jahanian's message to staff on April 6, these include a combination of additional remote work assignments, staff development, volunteer work and paid leave benefits. For more information, visit the Office of Human Resources website, which includes the most recent communications to campus regarding student workers.

Guidance on research is available on the CMU Coronavirus Researcher Resources webpage.

We have been actively planning to support your experience in a way that is unique to your special role on campus. It is our intention that any of you receiving stipends and associated support, such as health care insurance premium coverage, will continue to receive that support through the remainder of the semester as you work toward your degree remotely.