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Postal Services and Deliveries

Yes. The mail will continue unless the United States Postal Service discontinues operation. Departments can also request a HOLD on their mail delivery by contacting 412-268-2929 or

Yes. We have arranged for the local route drivers for UPS/FedEx/DHL to have exterior building door access so they can reach internal departments. We recommend that you include contact information for the person on campus who is accepting the package. Also, consider if a member of the department will be available to receive the delivery, as Postal Services is not authorized to accept packages for departments or individuals.

Amazon's delivery model does not include a local route driver. We recommend that you coordinate carefully with Amazon deliveries. Please contact the carrier directly for their available options.

Do not send packages to campus if you will not be present. Update all online accounts and correspondence to reflect your current address while working away from campus. If you inadvertently place an order to campus, please contact the company you ordered from as soon as possible after placing your order and attempt to have the address updated or the package rerouted.