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Financial Aid and Assistance for Students

Financial aid award letters for upperclass undergraduate students will be sent starting July 20. Students and families may expect that financial aid packages will be similar to financial aid packages from past years with similar components (grants and loans) and percentages of need met, as long as family and student finances have not changed significantly. If changes to family finances have occurred, there will be an opportunity to request adjustments to financial aid packages.

In addition, to allow more time for families and students to plan this year, the regular payment schedule has been adjusted:

  • Fall 2020 semester invoices will be available July 31.
  • Fall 2020 semester balances will be due by September 15.

Additional information about tuition, financial aid and billing can be found on the Enrollment Services FAQ page.

There are currently two dedicated financial resources for students impacted by the pandemic: the federal CARES Act Relief Fund and CMU’s Tartan Emergency Support Fund. Both are available for CMU undergraduate and graduate students, and students may seek support from both funds as needed. These grants can be used this summer and beyond to address financial concerns or unusual personal expenses incurred as a result of disruptions caused by COVID-19.

These funds go beyond the traditional financial aid offered by the university and are even available to students who usually do not qualify for U.S. federal financial aid. These grant funds do not need to be repaid — they are not loans. More information, including eligibility and the application process, is available on The HUB’s website.

We recognize that student employment offers valuable practical experience and important income for many students who contribute to our mission as student workers.

Currently enrolled eligible hourly student workers, as of March 1, who are able to work remotely will continue to enter time in Workday and be paid for each hour worked through the end of the semester. This includes any other remote work you may find within your department or division, for which you will need to input time spent working into Workday.