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COVID-19 Updates

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Financial Assistance for Students

The university recognizes that COVID-19 has disrupted regular routines, planning and work for everyone. We understand there may be financial hardships associated with those disruptions. We are doing all we can to minimize impact where possible, but know there may still be some individual circumstances to address. We encourage students and families who may be experiencing a financial hardship to contact their HUB liaison.

For students who are struggling to meet basic needs like housing or food costs, limited emergency funds are available through the Office of the Dean of Students, where staff are available to work individually with any students in need.

We recognize that student employment offers valuable practical experience and important income for many students who contribute to our mission as student workers.

Currently enrolled eligible hourly student workers, as of March 1, who are able to work remotely will continue to enter time in Workday and be paid for each hour worked through the end of the semester. This includes any other remote work you may find within your department or division, for which you will need to input time spent working into Workday.