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Sending Email From a Web Form

Web forms can be used to conduct surveys or submit ideas in a format that you develop. To use a form on your web page you will need to use the MailTo CGI. The MailTo CGI is a "script" that exists on the BOTH the and the servers and is used to:

  • Send the from results to a specified email address
  • Display a response page to the user when the form is submitted

Through examples, this document walks you through the process of creating a simple web form.

Note: The MailTo CGI is located on the server and on the server. The MailTo CGI is supported by Computing Services only when used to send mail from forms located on those servers.  The MailTo CGI script is intended only for web sites associated with Carnegie Mellon.  In addition, the script will only send mail to email addresses. addresses must first be approved.  See the Add Approved Email Addresses section for more information.

Last Updated: 5/18/09