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Remote Only

Whether you're teaching from a classroom or home office, we have the technology to help you. These instructions use Zoom as the recommended web conferencing tool for remote classes.

From Your Office

Prepare and Host

Don't wait until the last minute to make sure you're prepared for your class. Take a few minutes to make sure everything's in place. 

Steps to Prepare

Set Security Options

The Zoom Security menu allows you to control participant sharing, enable waiting rooms, and lock and remove participants from meetings, from one location.

Access Security Options

Share with Students

Use Zoom's sharing options to share your presentation, annotations or allow a student share.  

Sharing options 

From a Classroom


  1. Connect the USB cable to your laptop to use the conference camera and microphone.
  2. Use the Zoom app to:
    • change the audio and video settings to use the conference camera and microphone during the Zoom meeting
    • share your screen

Find specific instructions for the space you'll be teaching in our classroom guides.

IMPORTANT! If you are using a device without an HDMI or USB port, you will need to bring your own multiport adapter.

Quick Reference

WHAT I NEED: A laptop with your presentation

WHAT I DO: Open the presentation on your laptop.

  1. Click Share Screen from within the Zoom meeting.
  2. Select either your desktop or a specific application and then click Share. The toolbar will move to the top of the screen. The message You are screen sharing will display.

WHAT I NEED: A laptop and materials to share with the document camera

WHAT I DO: Place the materials under the document camera.

  1. Click Share Screen from within the Zoom meeting.
  2. Select Advanced and then select Content from 2nd camera.
  3. Select ELMO UVC Camera as the USB document camera and then click Share.
    The toolbar will move to the top of the screen. The message You are screen sharing will display.

Note: Not all spaces have a USB-enabled document camera to use for remote students.


  • An iOS device (iPad or iPhone) with the latest version of Zoom installed and configured
  • Your laptop and iOS device are on the same network (CMU-SECURE is the preferred wireless network on campus)

WHAT I NEED: A designated student(s) with presentation materials


  1. Within the Zoom meeting on your laptop, select Security and then Share Screen. A checkmark will appear and students will be able to share for the remainder of the class.
  2. Instruct the remote student to:
    1. Click Unmute to open his/her microphone.
    2. Click Share Screen to present the materials. 
  1. Click Record. All participants will be notified via an audio message that the meeting is being recorded.
  2. Select Record on this computer to save the recording to your hard drive.
  3. Click Record to the cloud. You will receive an email with a link to the recording once it's available for viewing.

Note: Unless you enable the setting Auto delete cloud recordings, recordings saved to the Zoom cloud will remain in place until manually deleted.

For additional topics on Zoom Recordings, see Meeting Controls and Tools.

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