Carnegie Mellon University

SSH Tectia Client for Windows

SSH Tectia Client (Tectia) provides an encrypted connection to a remote computer and offers a secure file transfer program to move files from your local computer to a remote server.

System Requirements

Operating System




Windows 7+ 6.5.1873 (64 bit) 61 MB 9/7/22
Windows 7+ 6.5.1873 (32 bit) 55 MB 9/7/22

Install SSH Tectia

Before you install: 

  • Uninstall all older versions prior to installing the newest version.
  1. Downloaded the appropriate installer file.
  2. Follow the onscreen instructions.
  3. Select Typical installation when prompted.

Use SSH Tectia

Refer to the SSH Tectia manual for help with the following:

Connection Profiles

Profiles are "favorites" or "shortcuts" to servers. Below are some common servers. Follow the steps in the Tectia manual to create a connection profile.

Accessed Host name Uses
SFTP Typically used by students for file transfers to the Andrew Unix pool of computers.
SFTP Used by HRIS, SIS and PAS customers to obtain reports created by business applications.

Used by a very limited number of power or administrative users to access SIS.

SSH Typically used by students for access to the Andrew Unix pool of computers.
SSH Used to access Enterprise applications SIS, HRIS and PAS. Upon login, a menu of systems appears.