Remote Software Access-Computing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Remote Software Access

Computing Services provides multiple options for accessing software remotely.

Virtual Andrew

Virtual Andrew provides remote access to a Windows computer with a variety of academic software. The applications do not need to be installed on your computer; however, you will need to install the VMware View client to access. You can access Virtual Andrew from Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. For a list of software available through Virtual Andrew, see the Computer Labs Software page.

Linux Timeshares

You can access a remote Linux session from any Windows or Mac computer. Linux computer lab software is available through the Linux timeshares.

X-Win 32

X-Win32 is X terminal application software for Windows that allows individuals to remotely use graphics-based applications with a mouse rather than doing only command line work. X-Win32 allows Windows users to connect to Linux/Unix servers on a network and run the applications from those servers on their Windows desktop. Linux computer lab software is available through X-Win 32 by logging into the Linux Timeshares (see above).