Installation Instructions-Computing Services - Carnegie Mellon University

Identity Finder Installation Instructions

Before you install

  • If you already have Identity Finder installed, DO NOT uninstall it! Doing so will delete your Password Vault. Running the latest Identity Finder installer (below) will upgrade your existing Identity Finder and preserve your settings and password vault.
  • Identity Finder is not currently compatible with OS X 10.9 & 10.10. Compatibility will be available with a future update.
  • DSP Clients should contact DSP if they do not already have Identity Finder installed.

Windows Installation

  1. Download and Launch the installation program.
  2. Accept the license agreement and click Next.
  3. Choose Custom installation.
  4. Accept the default to install Identity Finder to the Program files directory by clicking Next
  5. At the Ready to Install Identity Finder Endpoint screen, click Install.
  6. At the Completed screen, check the Launch Identity Finder Endpoint box if you want to launch Identity Finder upon exit.
  7. Click Finish.

Mac Installation

  1. Download Identity Finder.
  2. Double-click on the downloaded file (i.e. to extract the file.
  3. Double-click the Identity Finder package icon to launch the installation program.
  4. Walk through the installation steps.
  5. Click Agree to accept the license agreement.
  6. The Identity Finder application will be installed into your Applications folder.