Carnegie Mellon University

Code42 CrashPlan

Code42 CrashPlan offers real-time recovery and data protection designed for the unique challenges of educational institutions. CrashPlan automatically and continuously protects every file on devices all the time, so no matter what happens, you always have access to your data.

Eligibility & Cost 

CrashPlan is available to departments that have opted in to the service. Please contact your department for details, setup instructions, and assistance.

System Requirements

Operating System




Windows 8.1+ (64-bit) 8.8.3 199 MB 3/18/22
Windows 8.1+ (32-bit) 8.8.3 188 MB 3/18/22
macOS 10.15+ (Silicon) 8.8.3 204 MB 3/18/22
macOS 10.15+ (Intel) 8.8.3 204 MB 3/18/22
Linux (64-bit - RHEL 7.6+, Ubuntu 16.04+) 8.8.3 209 MB 3/18/22