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Virtual Applications via Citrix

Citrix application virtualization technology makes it possible to deliver applications from a secure, centralized location to your computer or mobile device. The application will continue to have the same look and feel as if it was running on your computer, but with these added benefits:

  • Easy access to your applications through
  • A consistent look and feel across different operating systems and mobile devices.
  • Improved performance on slow internet connections and older hardware.
  • No VPN connection required for wireless OR off-campus connections.
  • No installation of the application on your computer.
  • Automatic application updates.
  • Enhanced security and management for application administrators. Application updates are not dependent on operating system, browser and other software (e.g., MS Office, Oracle Java, Adobe Flash, etc.) versions.
  • Automatic access to your MyFiles space. Additionally, for DSP customers, remote access to your MyDeptFiles space upon request.

Getting Started

Once Citrix Receiver is installed, you will be able to access your application through your web browser. To get started, download the appropriate Citrix Receiver software for your operating system.

Supported Web Browsers

The following web browsers are supported:

  • Firefox 18.0+
  • Internet Explorer 8.0+
  • Safari 5.0+
  • Chrome 24.0+ (limited support- see the Configure steps)



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DSP Customers
DSP will install the Citrix client software for you.

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Contact the Application Owner.