Carnegie Mellon University

Lab Software Request Process

You will find a selection of Windows, Mac or Linux computers and an extensive complement of productivity and academic software in computer labs across campus.

Faculty members can request additional software for student assignments and projects. To request a consultation for your computer lab software needs, please email Computing Services.

The following guidelines ensure requested software is available on the first class day of each semester. Priority will be given to requests that have met these deadlines. Any remaining requests will be addressed on a first-come, first-served basis.

For each semester, two deadlines are set for special software requests: the Software Request deadline and the Supporting Materials deadline. These dates coincide with the Registrar's deadlines.

Deadline 1:
Software Request
Deadline 2:
Supporting Materials



First workday of July


Mid-October Friday before Thanksgiving

(any session)

Late February Last day of spring classes
Complete the following before the software request deadline:
  1. Ensure there are enough licenses for all of the computers in your lab:
    • Determine the number of licenses that are still available if the software is installed elsewhere on campus. 
    • Computing Services installs the software on every computer in a lab, even if there are fewer students enrolled in the class.
  2. Confirm the following:
    • The software is supported on available computer lab operating systems.
    • The software does not require administrator or root access to run.
    • The software is not demo, beta, or otherwise unreleased.
    • The software does not require distinct license codes or serial numbers for each install, or require a special server license.
    • The software does not interfere with other applications or the security/functionality of the lab computers.
  3. Send your software request to Computing Services.
Before the Supporting Materials Deadline, submit the following to Computing Services:
  • Software media or a link to the software download
  • Documentation stating the number of licenses available
    (an invoice stating the number of licenses purchased or a formal licensing agreement stating how many licenses it includes)
  • Documentation stating if the software is being used elsewhere on campus, and if so, how many licenses currently remain for installation in computer labs
  • A copy of the software licensing agreement
    (a formal contract, a printed licensing agreement provided with the software media, or even a click-through license that you must accept when installing the software)
Note: Respond to correspondence from Computing Services as soon as possible. Failure to do so may impede a timely software installation.

Computing Services requires adherence to the terms of license agreements and will not violate these terms. Violations can result in penalties for the university and the software not being available for use.