Carnegie Mellon University

Release a Print Job

Follow these steps to release your job from the printer release station:

  1. Locate a printer:
    • Andrew B&W Central queue - your print job will be available in ANY location.
    • Andrew Color queue - visit one of the color print stations.
  2. If necessary, tap the printer release touchscreen to wake it.
  3. Swipe the appropriate ID card or Plaid Ca$h card on the card reader in the direction indicated.
    Note: If you swipe a Plaid Ca$h card, ALL guest jobs display.
  4. Touch the job on the screen. Look at the bottom right corner of the release station to determine which printer your job will print when there are multiple printers. 
  5. Verify the cost and touch Print. Once you touch Print, the cost is deducted from your quota.
  6. If you entered a password, enter the same password to release the job.
  7. When finished, touch Exit.

Note: Jobs not printed before the expiration time are automatically deleted.