Carnegie Mellon University

Print from a Mac     

  1. If printing from off-campus, connect to the VPN.
  2. Install and configure the print drivers.
  3. Select Print in the application you are using. 
    Important: All print jobs expire after 4 hours.
  1. From the Print window pulldown menu, select a campus printer (for example "Andrew Central B&W").
  2. Click Print.

Note: Use these guidelines for determining which campus printer to choose.

Andrew Central B&W

  • available for release at ALL release stations
  • double-sided (duplex) printing and 11" x 17" (Tabloid)

Color Printing

  1. In the Pharos popup window that opens (see below), enter the following information.
    Andrew ID: (required) Enter your Andrew userID.
    • If you will use your CMU ID card to release the print job, type your Andrew userID.
    • If you will use a Plaid Ca$h card to release the print job, type guest.

    Job Password:
    (optional) For added security, enter a password for your print job.
    Job Name: (optional) Enter a job name for your print job. If you will use a Plaid Ca$h card to release your print job, enter a job name to make it easy to select the correct item.

Pharos Pop-Up Screen

  1. Click Print.
  2. Go to the printer release station and release the print job.