Carnegie Mellon University

Register Your Child for Wireless

For families participating in the proctoring program

Complete the steps below to register your child's device before they arrive on campus. This should be done from your computer.

If you need help setting up your child's device please call 412-268-3800 Monday - Friday from 7am - 7pm.

Step 1: Find Your Device's Hardware Address

On the device your child will use for proctoring:

  1. Locate the (MAC) address you would like to register and make a note of it.

Note: This address is alphanumeric and 12 characters in lengh (e.g. 00-B0-D0-63-C2-26). It is also referred to as a MAC address and is called that whether you connecting an Android, Apple or Windows device.

Step 2: Register Your Device

On any device:

  1. Visit our Device Registration tool.
  2. Under the Wireless section, click Register.
  3. Enter a nickname for the device into the Hostname field. You can use any name you choose, for example "My Laptop" or "My Tablet."
  4. Enter Mac address of the device you noted in step 1 into the MAC address field.
  5. Click Submit to complete the registration.
  6. Once on campus, on your iOS device, tap Settings > Wi-Fi and choose the CMU-DEVICE wireless network.

Note: For ease of use, consider completing this step on a laptop or desktop computer.