Carnegie Mellon University

SII VPN Configuration Improvements

On Wednesday, June 12 at 10:00 AM, Network Operations will improve the SII VPN configuration to allow all connections destined for campus networks to flow through the VPN tunnel and bypass the campus Internet Blocks.

The current SII VPN configuration does not allow connections to most academic and administrative building networks to take advantage of the VPN tunnel. Those connections instead travel directly over the Internet and may be blocked by the campus Internet Blocks .

 Specifically, the following IP ranges will be included in the tunnel:

  • – (
  • – (
  • – ( (part of the RFC 1918 Private Address space)

To take advantage of this improvement, manually log off and back on to your SII VPN session after 10 AM.

NOTE: The change will not disconnect SII VPN sessions that were logged on prior to 10 AM, but those sessions will not receive the improvements until your next login.