Carnegie Mellon University

Post Migration Steps

Complete the steps below after the change mail delivery date.

Messages may fail to migrate if they are: misformatted, contain an executable or are larger than 25 MB. Follow the steps below to retrieve these messages:

  1. Log into your old email service.
  2. Locate the failed message.
  3. Do one of the following:
    • Download the attachment.
    • Copy the message content and paste it into a text file and save.

Sample Message

SUBJECT:  You had X messages fail to migrate to your CMU Gmail account

Computing Services has completed your transition from Andrew (Cyrus) email to G Suite @ CMU. During this process, some of your email could not be moved. These messages are listed below. If you would like to move these messages manually, visit for detailed steps.

Folder Name:    INBOX
Message Date:    9-2-2010 22:58:46
Message Subject:    re: HW1
Attachment Name:
Reason for Failure:    Attachment contains an executable or is too large

Folder Name:    spam
Message Date:    4-2-2012 07:02:34
Message Subject:    Buy meds online!
Reason for Failure:    Misformatted message or migration error

Folder Name:    Apple Mail To Do
Message Date:    <Invalid>
Message Subject:    Order tshirts
Reason for Failure:    Misformatted message or migration error

Configure your email client and mobile device for your new email service. Once complete return to this page and continue with the other post-migration steps.
Using the text file you created, re-enter your signatures. Search "signatures" in your email client's help for steps.
  1. Import the exported calendar items into your new service. Search "export calendar" in your email client's help for steps.
  2. Import your personal contacts. Search "import contacts" in your email client's help for steps.

Go to to view default spam filters, set mail forwarding and out of office replies, edit directory information and more.

After the Change Delivery date, your old mailbox is no longer being updated. To finalize the migration process, visit the Mail Migration tool and authorize Computing Services to delete your old mailbox and all of its contents.

Prior to authorizing, make sure you completed all of the steps in the Mailbox Created/Copied section and the steps on this page